Quality Track from Hot Chip

Hot Chip deliver the first recording from their new record In Our Heads out June 12th. The song is bass heavy in a way reminiscent of One Life Stand, but sounds most like the ending track from One Life Stand “Take It In”. The song has a darker, more urgent undertone than anything they’ve done in the past and, as usual, is infectiously catchy. Expect to be humming the chorus for days to come. Vocalist Alexis Taylor is in fine form, with his vocals interplaying with the bass to provide the tracks emotional backbone. Drum patterns are typically simple but powerful, as is the Hot Chip standard. Al Doyle provides a few nice moments with his sparse but effective guitar playing, Doyle has proven himself a master at finding ways to fit a guitar in between pulsing synth lines and dance-heavy beats. The real star of Flutes, though, is Joe Goddard. Hot Chip’s primary song writer and the most entertaining band member to watch live (Taylor is a close second), Goddard once again demonstrates his excellence at letting a song build until it’s about to explode and then giving the bass and drums a simple yet incredibly effective drop. All in all Flutes is a step in an incredible, interesting, and new direction for Hot Chip, and hopefully In Our Heads will continue the trend.


– Amos