New A/J\E album

So we recently finished our first full length studio album, Semantics. Here it is in all its glory, all 15 tracks and 47 minutes of it


Hot Chip – In Our Heads

Hot Chip have gone from underground weirdo-pop darlings to legitimate indie-synthpop superstars in the span of a decade. For some bands this rise in popularity may coincide with a change in identity or loss of originality, but for Hot Chip each consecutive album has meant only one thing; improvement. In our opinion, every Hot Chip album released has been better than the last, and while in some cases, the improvement is marginal (The Warning to Made in the Dark), in others it’s huge (Made in the Dark to One Life Stand). In Our Heads is not a huge leap forward from One Life Stand, but given the immense success the excellent One Life Stand was, that’s saying a lot. In Our Heads is a nearly perfect record, it has no lulls in the action; every song is either infectious dance music or an expertly crafted synthpop melody. This is also the record in which Hot Chip have truly proven they’ve mastered the art of the infectious bassline (Night and Day, Flutes, Don’t Deny Your Heart). But that’s not all they can do, the songs range from epic (Flutes, Let Me Be Him, Ends Of The Earth) to heartfelt and intimate (Look At Where We Are, How Do You Do) and the simply excellent (Motion Sickness). At this point, there is no disputing that this is a band in their prime, and they do not seem to be slowing down any point soon.

Verdict – 9/10

-Amos and Elias