Gemini – Fire Inside EP

Gemini, one of our favorite dubstep artists, released his new EP on April 2 and it  did not disappoint. Comprised of four tracks, The Fire Inside EP brings a large amount of bass and intense beats to the table. Gemini remains a great producer, his synths and drum sounds are impeccably clean, and he has a great ear for melody. He slows things down a bit for the last track, Nothingness, and the results are great, Nothingness is a fantastic brooding piano ballad that serves as a fitting coda for the EP. Thats not to say the EP is perfect, Gemini seriously stumbles with the third track To The World, perhaps Gemini’s attempt at Skrillex style bass. To The World is incongruous with the remainder of the album and has no business being next to tracks like Nothingness and No Way Out. It can’t damage the impact of the album on the whole however, Fire Inside remains a mostly spectacular tour de force of Bass, Synths, and Snares.

Verdict – 7/10

-Amos and Elias

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