Modestep – “Show Me a Sign”

Modestep’s new single “Show Me a Sign,” is neither amazing nor awful, instead it falls somewhere in the middle and is fairly average. Modestep’s début track, “Feel Good”, is one of my favorite dubstep tracks of all time and since hearing it I have had high hopes for each ensuing song. “Sunlight” was originally a good song but they re-released it as an edited version and frankly, it sucked. They had an opportunity with “Show Me a Sign” to buck the trend and make a song as melodic and bombastic as “Feel Good”. Unfortunately, this is not the case and the song sounds alot like a Skrillex track in many ways. It has frantic high frequency bass wobbles that are, more often than not, painful to listen to. That being said, these wobbles do not dominate the track. It has a powerful feel to it and an epic synth line. The vocals are well done and it is nice to know that the they are recorded live instead of with samples yet still fit well with the rest of the song. The tempo change towards the end of the track doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t add to the track and, just like in the original “Sunlight,” it detracts from the overall experience, leaving a bad taste in the listeners mouth, sort of like when a good rock band whips out a terrible shredding solo to end the song just for the sake of skill demonstration.




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